You already know that I am a headshot photographer and cinematographer based in Manhattan. 

You may not know that I like to laugh, a lot. I feel life is too short. I also love to tell stories. I am a NYC filmmaker and actor. I love light and I love people. I love capturing the human face. I love the motion that is captured in a camera. As a storyteller I want a story beyond a beautiful image. I want your story. 

I like abstraction and improvisation. I like to vary my lighting setup depending on my client, taping into instinct. I want your shots to be about you, not about my photographic style. I work to see your surprise at the unveiled image... The opening of possibility in your eyes.

I have a son, I love him above all. I love my wife, she is everything. 

And I love the best city in the world, NYC. I'm lucky to live here.

Ricardo BIrnbaum

Ricardo BIrnbaum