I recently got an invite to LINKEDIN and cringed in horror when I saw my friend's portrait headshot photo. I called him right away and suggested a session together. Here is why..

In today's world, most of our personal and professional  relationships involving technology and our environment are visual. In the old days, things were more balanced with our other senses. We would be more tuned in to our hearing to survive in our environment, our sense of smell informed us about the weather, the food we were eating, and portraits were a thing of the rich, ... Today, it's a very different story.

We log in into Yelp to read about a restaurant, see images of food, read reviews and the menu... we use our cellphones to browse through images and text with our eyes, we wear headphones with music to keep the outside environment out and allow us to enjoy a little private space... 

The power of images is really strong, we can't deny it. What comes up when a person looks up your name on the internet and searches your image? The first image will be one of the most important first impressions that will determine a lot of your future connections. Since our world of business and relationships revolves around first impressions, what first impression are you giving with your headshot.If you feel this image represents you, your business and who you are:, congratulations. You are ahead of the game.

If your headshot does not meet the above,, consider updating your photos. As the old say goes: "An image is worth more than a thousand words."

And rest assured that once I get my friend in the studio I will post his images on my website.


Above is an example of an image for a law firm professional profile/headshot.