What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel great! It will show. For headshots neutral colors work best. Bring several changes, and a jacket & blazer to throw on top for different combinations. BRAS - Ladies, please note that some straps will show, make sure you bring different bras to match your outfit.

Think of three main categories:

a. Legit Dramatic - To showcase you for example as a lawyer, doctor, detective.

b. Legit Casual - To showcase your personality.

c. Commercial - To showcase a very approachable, next door neighbor self.

Can I do my own hair and makeup?

Makeup is available at an additional charge, but I recommend you do your own hair and makeup. We want the casting director to see the person who is going to walk into the room match the person in the headshot. Sometimes a professional may apply things that you would never apply no matter how nice you look. 

For hair, bring ties, clips, sprays, product, rubber bands and a brush.  

For makeup bring 1 matte lipstick, and 1 bright color. Powder (non- reflective).  Eye shadow neutral. Wear mascara instead of fake lashes. Concealer on blemishes.  A natural blush enhances your cheeks.

For men, if you usually wear a 3 o'clock, leave it and don't shave.  If not, come 'al natural'. Hair grooming can be done at the shoot, and men don't wear make up in my headshot sessions. 

Don't over pluck your eyebrows unless that is the look you always keep.

Can I wear jewelry?

Headshots focus on you, so avoid anything too distracting. In this department less is more.

When will I get my headshots?

You will get your proofs within 24 hours of the end of our session uploaded to a password protected gallery.

Once you select your favorites from your gallery it will take 7 working days for your retouched hi-definition headshots to be delivered to you.