Jumping at the opportunity



Last week, a dancer named Vanessa Calderón invited me to go and take some photos of a dress rehearsal show in NYC. As you all know, I am primarily a headshot photographer, but I have a true passion for film, and recently the Portofolio Development Workshop at B&H has sparkled my creative juices. 

I decided to go and take some pictures. Luckily for me, dress rehearsals can take longer than intended, and usually require the piece to be done over and over again. I was able to capture her work from many different angles, and having the lights set up for me meant I could just focus on the action. It was a great to let myself flow with the dancer.

Here are some results... and interesting enough I can see my previous work in "Underground Ghosts" spilling over into my other work. Shooting with a 100mm macro L IS USM Canon lens and a 5Dmkiii, I had plenty of juice in the camera to shoot and freeze the action. However Vanessa's dance is about a woman who is decaying at the mercy of a man, and is trying to regain his attention. He ignores her, and hence turns her into a form of a ghost. And thus I kept my shutter speed at 1/100 - 1/160, meaning that there was a degree of motion blur when the dancer was moving violently. An effect that turns her into a ghostly image, with strong traces of reality.

Influenced by some of the work of my colleagues at the Portofolio Development Series, I decided to present the images in a horizontal multiple image composition, a little cross processing and here it is!

Happy Holiday to all of you!