Traveling Photography - Slowing Down

It is amazing how many of us carry our camera everywhere, and then just snap away at the first chance we have. I just came back from a trip to Europe, and I am guilty of this myself. During the trip I was looking at some of the images I was taking, and I pretty soon realized: "I am going too fast!" Careful composition, lighting and subject selection takes a little time. God Bless technology. I can look at my images on the day I shoot and learn from my mistakes. The next day I can be ready to implement the new knowledge. It enables you to get continuous feedback which is something that I find very useful in acting too. From my experience in Grad School, I found that I was also able to slow down, and get continuous input on my craft.

So the next time I go travelling, I'll try to remember three things that really helped me in this trip.

1. Go first thing in the morning or late in the evening (which happens to be Magic Hour) when people are beginning their day or winding down. The most interesting things happen here, and usually you are relieved from family and friend pressures during those hours.

2. Take a few shots, look, shoot a few more, look again... settle in a position once you have had a little time playing around with the composition and moment.

3. Breathe! Remember that 'inspiration is the act of allowing breath in'.